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This is a story about faith. Faith that makes you overcome the fear of making new flavors and makes thousands of people from all four corners or the world come adventuring in the world of Queen’s Winery House, looking for marvelous emotions in a glass. Faith that somewhere in the small country of Bulgaria, two daydreamers can create a new trend in the winemaking and to leave the connoisseurs speechless…
Balchik is one of the most magnetic places of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The unique feeling about this piece of land, gift from God, is due to the unique mixture of different architectural styles, religions, history, mysticism, nature, romance and memories about the remarkable life stories of its former residence.

Each idea starts with a dream. When the dream finds its home, it turns into reality. Can you guess the explosion of flavors that one can get from the blending of the following four unusual ingredients: admiration for innovations, hard work, local terroir and the passion for wine…? Now imagine that you also add a catalyst in the form of a missive: “Do not be afraid to be unique!”

The history of Queen’s Winery House started in 2005 in order to satisfy the passion for wine. The bottles wearing that brand create friendship, make people smile and dream.

You are asking what makes Queen’s Winery House an emotion so special for everybody I why does everyone want to feel it again? The answer is a short one – infinite range of tastes, all different. Everyone is dreaming to get into the world of these masterpieces. There you can try wines and spirits, some of them without analogue: watermelon fruit wine, wine aperitifs with honey, with almonds, with Bulgarian rose, aperitif for blue plum chocolate, snow wine, cantaloupe digestif, dessert wine with smoky aftertaste, pumpkin brandy, fig syrup, rose syrup, aged brandy, wine made of raisin grapes from a late harvest, fruit wine from frozen apples, spicy wine for game meat, wine made from aronia.

In our showroom you can also see our “Unique” collection – oenotheque wines, rakia, brandies and liqueurs, all by Bulgarian winemakers. We are very proud with our specimens from 1878, Mavrud from 1945 and 1965, Gumza 1894 and 1909, brandy, chartreuse, cognac and anisette, all aged more than 80 years. Visit us to know their history.

After my story, if You, dear reader, feel the interest and excitement of an explorer, you are invited to visit this special world. Here there are amazing experiences waiting for you, which you can share with your favourite people, but only on one condition – share it further and promise yourself that after the end of the bottle you can make your most incredible dream come true!

Our boutique wines and limited edition wines and spirits you can order online or to buy during the degustation. You will not find them in retail stores.

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