Specialized Production


Damask Rose Petal Syrup
25.00 lv.
Syrup, made from blossom of oleaginous rose (Rosa Damascena) – one of the symbols of Bulgaria. A luxurious gift for your loved ones. A challenge for connoisseurs of natural, old flavours. Gourmet idea: serve home-made lemonade, made with syrup using soda or mineral water, add some tea, pour some ice cream or mix with champagne. Suitable for cocktails.

Specialized production

We are sure that satisfying the needs of clients with the best is as important for you, as making boutique wines with unique flavor is for us. No matter whether you are a restaurant owner, a tradesman or a hotel owner, you should know that there are some clients – explorers, who constantly are looking for new, unusual tastes and special attention. We offer both.

Queen’s Winery House is a brand, which becomes more and more popular in Bulgaria and around the world among the connoisseur of good wines and selected meals. It attracts the attention of collector and of people with a refined taste. Some of your clients probably have already heard about or tried our wines. Surprise them, serving them a product with the brand Queen’s Winery House.

If you wish to spoil your clients with our wines, please send an inquiry. We shall give a special offer!

Chef cooks, confectioners, chocolatiers and bartenders – our offer for You!

If you are looking for new tastes and wish to experiment, the boutique wines, aperitifs and strong drinks of Queen’s Winery House will surely inspire you

We will be honoured to challenge you to create a special recipe for a meal, dessert, chocolate or cocktail from products with our brand. We will be glad if you send a photo of your place for our numerous fans, so that they can try it or buy your masterpiece.

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