Vineyard, production process and recipes

“Since its very establishment Queen’s Winery House has not been just business, but philosophy and striving for perfection. We we not satisfied that our vineyard just exists somewhere, it was important for us to share it with those, who invested in our dream buying and gifting our work.”

Convinced in the uniqueness of the local terroir, we planted our vineyard with “Pinot Noir” and “Sirah” grapes near the town of Balchik, along the main tourist route in the area just before Tsarichino village. We care for it with love and dedication; one of our daily pleasures is to visit this world full of peace and beauty.

Upcoming project

The final stage of Queen’s Winery House project is building of a small winery, which takes place at the very massif, which will wholly correspond to our desire and understang for minimal stress upon the grapes, hand labor, limited edition wines, friendly relationship with nature and sharing. Until the building of our winery we produce our wines almost entirely using hand labor in Briastovitsa village, for the spirits our friends from Isperih and Preslav help us in the production.


We produce limited edition bottled wine and spirits every year.
“We love experimenting. Innovations, discussions and surprises bring great delight to us. We do not like boring wines and the purified alcohol tastes. We think that each winemaker should have his own unique style. We do not expect to be liked by everyone. We do not want to exist into frames. Our goal is to leave a trace. We will take all the best from the place we live and give it a new style, life and emotion.“

We make the recipes for the boutiques wines, aperitifs and spirits of Queen’sWineryHouse, after being inspired by the place we live in, the people we communicate with and the events that left a mark in our life. We experiment with different grape varieties, honey and fruit, looking for unique tastes and flavours, in order to express our excitement and share it with you. We are striving to translate the joy of life, the wealth of nature and the happiness to do what you like, in the language of the wine.