Wine from watermelon harvest 2013

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Limited edition wine 3000 bottles ,0.5 l, 9% alc., sugar 70 g/l

Experimental production in Bulgaria.

Wine from Watermelon is a watermelon fruit wine. It is characterized by low alcohol content and very high acidity. Its residual sweetness of 70 g natural sugars does not influence its taste – fresh, with bitter nuances of drupe flavour and the aftertaste of citrus and balsamico.

The experimental fermentation of watermelon juice is appreciated by those who like to discover new flavours and the connoiseurs or non-traditional wines with bitter – tarty taste combined with high acidity. The first sips of our watermelon fruit wine is often discribed as a shock and a real adventure for the taste buds.

Wine from watermelon harvest 2013 has won a gold medal on CWSA Best value 2016, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.

What is Wine from watermelon served with?

Since you have decided to try this boutique wine, go experiment to the fullest. We think that it is excellently combined with seafood, Asian cousine, sweet-and-sour pork and hard cheeses. Leave it to breathe for an hour or use a decanter. Serve very chilled.

Fruit wine Watermelon is an exotic gift, suitable for people with adventurous spirit. Innovators, experimentators, connoiseurs of bright flavours and not so strong alcoholic drinks.

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