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Wine From Аronia, Harvest 2015

45.00 лв.

Fruit wine from Aronia, 0,5l, 9% alc., sugar 70g/l, limited edition wine 3200 bottles

The impulse for making this wine came from an e-mail, which stated: ”For the wine made by Queen's Winery House there are no limitations”. V.K.

Made using a traditional technology, guaranteeing authentic taste and memorable emotion, of selected handpicked fruit of aronia, grown in a micro array in the region of the West Rhodopas, at 710 m altitude. The wine has a gorgeous, full-bodied, complex, slightly tart taste. It has the fragrance of ripe fruit, truffle and shades of soil, its colour is deep red with violet hues. Unique experience.

What to serve Aronia wine with?

Game meat, duck, cheeses and deserts. We recommend serving it chilled.

Aronia wine is an interesting gift for people having a healthy lifestyle, as well as for seekers of unique local tastes. Suitable surprise for amateur chefs and gourmets.


3 reviews for Wine From Аronia, Harvest 2015

  1. Georgiana

    I absolutely love it!

  2. Mihaela

    A very good wine!

  3. Cristina

    One of the best wine ! ❤️

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