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Watermelon digestif with honey

35.00 лв.

Limited edition of 2800 bottles 0.5 l, 38.5% alc., contains honey

“The creation of the watermelon distillate for the Watermelon digestif with honey follows the saying that there is no future without effort. I appreciate tradition, and in the region where I grew up watermelons are cherished for their taste. The production of this rich drink has brought together innovative people with game-changing aspirations. A cause with a cultural, social, environmental and spiritual footprint.

And to all those who view the watermelon distillate with scepticism and disdain, I am sending them my warm greetings from Balchik. Yes – you may take this with disbelief, but Balchik is emerging as the new hotspot for non-traditional fermentation and distillate production.

I’m often asked: How do you make “watermelon brandy”? The difficult part was convincing the people involved in the process of creating it that everything we do makes sense, even if there is no written recipe for it. Without mistakes there is no success, without frostbitten fingers from the frozen watermelon there is no brandy. This is the simple philosophy of the novel technology. To turn the drink from brandy to digestif, I decided to blend it with honey after a triple distillation enhancing the intense aftertaste of watermelon rind, freshness and summer.” Anna Koleva

What is Watermelon digestif with honey served with ?

Serve it well chilled. You can combine it with sheep or goat cheese so that your taste buds can experience the rewarding contrast in flavor. It also goes well with salted or caramelized nuts, pâté bites, poached pears and various types of desserts.

This exclusive collectible drink of 2800 bottles is the perfect gift for all who live by the motto

“The innovators didn’t care that it was impossible, so they did it. They didn’t put a limit to the possibilities. “Impossible” to them is only nothingness.”

Watermelon digestif with honey is bottled with a premium quality cork, and it is possible that lees could form as it ages, due to the cork’s natural degradation in contact with high-percentage alcohol. Please filter the drink before enjoying.

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    Превъзходно питие!

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