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Tomato wine

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White fruit wine, 0.5l, 13.5% alc.

“I made this wine for the first time in Bulgaria. It was inspired by all dreamers and those for whom nothing is impossible. The famous scientist Thomas Edison already mentioned a century ago that in the future doctors will treat diseases mainly through food. I personally I admire orthomolecular medicine and wanted to create a special motto for the Queen’s Winery House collection of superfood fermentations that work for the human body and taste extraordinary at the same time.

This was also the turning point when I came up with one of the new four flavors with which the 2022 vintage. to remain in history.” Anna Koleva

Pink, red, orange, purple, even brown, small and neat or barely fit in the palm of your hand, shiny, juicy, velvety soft and fragrant, and there is no doubt – tomatoes are extremely useful.

A few interesting facts about this unusual fruit masquerading as a vegetable, which has awesome health benefits:

✓ Contains all four main cartenoids;
✓ Provides all three of the most powerful antioxidants;
✓ Valuable source of potassium;
✓ Their shell contains almost all flavonols;

I chose to make this experimental fermentation from a tomato grown in the region of Balchik Municipality. The result is a dry and elegant fruity wine with an unusual golden color with greenish hues capable of tempting even the biggest skeptics of non-standard tastes.

What is the fruity tomato wine served with?

The fresh Mediterranean nose complemented by a delicate aftertaste of sun-dried tomatoes, summer, cedar and resin goes beautifully with spaghetti, pizza, pasta, light white meats and various types of cheese.

Who is tomato wine suitable for?

Tomato wine is an extraordinary gift for those who achieve everything they have dreamed of without asking or waiting for permission from anyone. They do not dream of success, they just work for it and transform the ordinary and boring environment that surrounds them in an unusually good way.

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  1. Asta

    Teko ragauti. Vynas neįprasto skonio, nesu tokio ragavusi kitose šalyse. Nuostabu!!!! Būtina paragauti!!!

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