Tamianka Year 2020

35.00 лв.

Dry white wine, 0.75l, Alc. 14% vol, limited edition, 1300 bottles

Tamianka of Queen’s Winery House is the result of a rare vinification method using a white grape variety in the spirit of the “natural wine” making. When using this technique, we go with the flow of nature instead of going against it. A true celebration and a gift from fate. I will never forget the year 2019.

It was the first time for me to make wine, here in Balchik, in our winery. And this is when I felt the impulse to make things differently. A white wine without temperature controls, with deliberate oxidation, indigenous yeasts, just half of the sulfur dioxide permitted, fermented with the skins, the seeds and a quantity of stems, without any correction in grape acidity.

If you tell anyone the above shortly after being hired as winemaker, you would hear one sole sentence,”You are fired!” But I had the opportunity to unleash my creativity, even at the risk of failing.

The stakes were high. Maybe you ask yourselves, “What came out of it in the end?” A white wine, darker, oxidized, with a gold-and-copper flair, weak in fruitiness, a mineral hint on the nose, a strong aftertaste.

I am writing the above one year after completing my experiment and I am fully satisfied when I taste the Queen’s Winery House Tamianka, I am uplifted and inspired. To the “know-it-all’s”, all “professionals” and “haters” who judge without getting to know, without giving a chance, I would like to say that I have no regrets, I stand behind the experiment with my name, that all the notes of oxidation and the peculiar colouring were a desired and intended outcome of high quality.
The lack of understanding for the innovative approach or the complex and rich texture of this wine is like standing in front of an art installation or an abstract work of art and concluding that this is not art or, simply, stating that “she can’t paint at all”.”Anna Koleva

How to serve Queen’s Winery House Tamianka ?

The rounded, fulsome composition, the mineral hint on the nose, the aromatic tones go well with pasta in cream sauce, different varieties of fish, minced meat in cabbage leaves (sarmi), goulash, spicy recipes of Asia, pizza, salty pastries and quiche, sheep brine cheese.

Queen’s Winery House Tamianka is a great choice for a gift for a loved one, a family member or a collector of “natural wines” who would also love the taste of home-made beverages. This bottle, too, would impress everyone who loves richer wines with higher alcohol content, for its intensity of flavour, heavy texture and strong bouquet of aromas.

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