Syrah Harvest 2016

35.00 лв.

Dry wine Syrah, 0,75l,12.3 % alc., limited edition wine of 1200 bottles.

Queen's winery house Syrah is an aromatic dry red wine with complex structure, which makes it both attractive in combination with different types of food and an aristocratic egoist, in a sense to be self-served as an aperitif. The wine character is strongly influenced by the clone of our Syrah 174 vineyards and the unique terroir in combination with the air draughts and the temperature amplitudes, specific for the Northeastern Bulgaria. These unique factors add mysterious spice, structure and depth to the flavor in combination with delicacy. Real delight for any grape`s variety lover.

What to serve red wine Syrah with?

The soft tannins and the fragrance of wild berries and halm combine well with all kinds of cheeses, lamb, liver, minced meat dishes, grill, turkey and Mediterranean dishes. It can be consumed as a dry aperitif too. 

Red wine Syrah is a great gift for the family. A bottle of good wine, shared with your dearest people in a special moment can be a source of memories and emotions for all. You will be the protagonist here, as You made this happen and all that shared this event just entered the club of 1200 happy owners of this bottle.

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