Syrah Vintage 2021

35.00 лв.

Dry Red Syrah, 0.75l, 12% alc., limited edition, 2326 bottles

Queen’s Winery House Syrah is a fragrant dry wine which exhibits a complex texture, attractive paired with a range of food delights, also, as an aristocratic egoist, served solely as aperitif.

Its character carries the strong influence of our vineyards’ 174 row lot, its unique terroir combining specific air flows and temperature amplitudes, distinctive for the north-eastern part of Bulgaria.
These particular factors conjure up a mysterious zest, a depth in the texture and the flavour, and at the same time – a tender delicacy.

How to serve a dry red Syrah?

The soft tannins, the wild fruit and forest foliage aroma pair well with all sorts of cheese, lamb, liver and minced meat dishes, barbecue and turkey meat or Mediterranean recipes. It can also be enjoyed as a dry aperitif.

The red Syrah is a wonderful family gift. A bottle of precious wine shared with your loved ones at a special time will become a well of memories and many other emotions for all of you. You are the main hero here, because you inspired this event and together with all the rest, you entered the club of 2326 exalted owners of a bottle from this limited edition.

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