Sugar Beet Aperitif with Honey

40.00 лв.

Sugar beet aperitif with honey, 0.5l, Alc. Volume 14.6%, sugar 168 g/l, limited edition of 3000 bottles

Unconventional drinks` lovers shall be extremely surprised and happy with our Sugar beet aperitif with honey. In the limited production for connoisseurs it is a real pleasure for the palate, created by the fine balance between sugar beet and honey. It even captures the most skeptical by its glamour, leaving them pleasantly surprised by the natural brown color combined with aftertaste of coffee, dark beer, caramel and toasted touches.

Serving solutions for the Sugar beet aperitif with honey

This unique representative of the boundless world of alcoholic beverages is suitable for Creme Brulee, profiteroles, caramelized nuts, desserts and green walnuts jam. Its rich complex sweet taste and mysterious fascinating scent are definitely remembered with a piece of homemade brioche. It should be served very chilled with ice.

The Sugar beet aperitif with honey is a great present for people, who you certainly know won`t say they don`t like anything, they haven`t tried and are eager to own a collector’s bottle. Wonderful surprise for the connoisseurs of dark beer, exotic liqueurs and brandy.



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