Sour Cherry fruit wine

55.00 лв.

Red fruit wine, alc. 10%, check 51 g/l, 0.5 l, limited series of 6000 bottles

A brilliant red fruit wine made from sour cherries. Skillful balancing between high acidity, low residual sweetness and unique tartness characteristic of the fruit. Excellent aroma of homemade cherry jam.

“Cherry wine is vintage, but it is loved and unforgettable. It reminds of a beautiful moonlit night, of a real mysterious woman and an expected challenge. The story of the origin of this divine taste began with contemplation, humility and a heart in love. Not everyone can meet the great burning love, but if you feel it reject it. Even if it hurts, if it doesn’t make sense, if you feel there is no way out, live it. I have revealed the secret of forbidden and impossible love in a glass of wine and anyone who tastes it will know the truth of the most important feeling that makes it worth existing.” Anna Koleva

What is fruit cherry wine served with?

The rich and harmonious taste of cherry wine goes well with duck breast, game and in the company of cheesecake. Also served with cocktails.

Who is cherry wine suitable for?

Words are energy, so are gestures. Gifting a bottle of this limited fermentation means, without unnecessary vanity, the big phrase: “I LOVE YOU”

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