Snow Apple

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A beverage produced by silent fermentation, sugar content 60g/l, Alc. 12% vol, 0.5l.

(the name of this beverage means “Snow Apple” in Russian and by choosing it, its creator wished to express his gratitude for the opportunity to get to know the wealth of the Russian language and a special variety of apples, called “Antonovka“)

Snow Apple is based on apple juice fermentation, whereby the apple juice undergoes Cryoconcentration. The process limits the water content and increases the juice concentration by freezing it in a temperature span between -8 to -15°C , what enables the discard of water crystals. The intended result is naturally increased sugar content up to 35-40 Brix (°Bx).

The so treated must then undergoes slow fermentation in order to become the golden icy beverage in which you can taste and enjoy equally fresh apple flavour, subtle acidity, warm autumn sweetness and the aroma of home-made apple jam.

This beverage contains more alcohol compared to the apple cider produced through traditional methods. It tastes semi-sweet, it could l turn into a sparkling beverage with the aging of the bottle as a result of the applied Cryoconcentration, the stabilization through freezing, the low levels of sulfitation and filtration, the avoidance of pasteurization, all aimed at preserving the natural, unique aftertaste of gerrania, clove and jasmin.

How to serve Снежное яблока (Snow Apple) ?

This apple beverage awakens the appetite, and this makes it an excellent aperitif, as well as a great finale of a memorable evening, together with starters/ hors d’oeuvre, for example cheese plates, meat delicacies, fruit or vegetable salads. It pairs perfectly with low-fat cheese sorts, for example with Camembert or Cheddar, and desserts, light pastries with raspberry, forest fruit or sour cherry filling, ice cream cakes, apple pie, Strudel, tartlets. If you wish to center your dinner around it, you can choose a meat dish featuring barbecue meat, chicken, duck or quail meat.

Snow Apple is an exotic gift and at the same time – a gift with style, for colleagues and friends, who are young at spirit and eccentric in their taste. This beverage makes for a great birthday gift, it can also be given at a party, a family or office celebration – whatever the occasion, you will not remain unnoticed.

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