Rose Syrah Harvest 2015

35.00 лв.

Rose dry wine of Syrah, 0,75 l, 10% alc., limited edition wine 611 bottles

Queen's winery house Rose Syrah is a fragrant dry wine with a complex structure which makes it very attractive to use in combination with different foods and at the same time, as an aristocratic egoist, to be served only by itself, as an aperitif. This wine’s character is very affected by the branch of our vineyards Syrah 174, and its unique terroir. A delight for the connoisseurs.

What to served Rose of Syrah with?

Here it is your place to experiment fully. Due to the wine’s high acidity, there is place for anything: salads, pasta, fish, meat and cheeses. It is preferable to serve chilled.

Rose of Syrah is a splendid gift for innovators, for people who have several answers to a question. This is a way to inspire them for their ideas. It is created for people who thread on new unexplored paths all the time in order to find a solution to seemingly trivial problems. With this bottle you wish them success in the art, business, education and science. They will appreciate your gesture, as proud owners of one of these 611 bottles.

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