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Rose Pinot Noir & Syrah harvest 2017

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Pink dry wine of Pinot Noir & Syrah with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Dunavska Ravnina , 0.75 l, 13% alc., limited edition 4500 bottles

Brilliant taste achieved with skillful balance between the terroir and the Pinot Noir and Shiraz varieties. An interesting “onion” color, combined with a great flavor and a discreet, rich long lasting aftertaste. The nose is expressive; fragrances of exotic fruits, bergamot, white flowers and citrus are detected. The taste is lively, fresh and in total harmony. Delicate rosé, ethereal and suave, with elegant body and pleasant acidity.

Queen’s winery house Rose Pinot Noir & Syrah 2017 is a wine suitable for any occasion with one main purpose – to refresh and charm, and that is why it is so easily combines with almost any food. It’s perfect for consumption as an aperitif.

The character of the wine is strongly influenced by the age and branch of our vineyards Syrah 174 and Pinot Noir WM 70 combined with the unique terroir in the massif of the Queen’s winery house, Balchik municipality, Tsarichino village. Delight for every lover of refined taste.

With what can you serve dry rosé of Pinot Noir and Syrah?

Here you can experiment in full. Because of its unique nose combined with soft acidity the palette is extremely rich: salads, pasta dishes, risotto, fish, seafood, meat and cheese. It is recommended to be served chilled to 10 ° C.

The Rose of Pinot Noir and Syrah is a wonderful gift for innovators, for people who have one question and several answers. This is a way to inspire them to implement their ideas. It is designed for people who are constantly on new, unexplored paths to find solutions to seemingly simple tasks. With this bottle you can wish them success in art, business, education, or science. They will highly appreciate your gesture as proud owners of one of the 4500 bottles.

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1 review for Rose Pinot Noir & Syrah harvest 2017

  1. Цветелина Попова

    Посетихм Ботаническата година в Балчик тази година и купихме от това вино. Уникален вкус, който нистина може да се съчетае с различни ястия.

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