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Regina Harvest 2021

30.00 лв.

А highly aromatic wine-based beverage, containing 75 g of grape honey, 0.75l, Alc. 12% vol

Regina is an aperitif beverage featuring a fine blend of dry reds – Pinot Noir and Syrah, enriched with the natural flavour of plums, and the so called “grape honey” which adds a unique and “just perfect“ note. Regina 2020 has achieved a distinctive balance between sweetness and acidity.

It has given a new dimension to the flavour and made the lovers of this brand even happier. The soft, velvety sweetness combined with the dried plums’ aroma, home-made jam and even plum pits on the nose, enchant and win hearts.

The colour of Regina 2020 is impressive, its rich aroma is calling on you promising an experience worthwhile. The promise comes true with the very first sip.

Regina wine-based beverage from 2013 was awarded two gold medals on CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) 2016, the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China and Hong Kong

What is Wine Aperitif Regina served with?

Serve it with platters of blue cheese or as a drink, accompanying the main dish – game, rabbit chicken. It is suitable for desserts and chocolate.

You can gladly send Wine aperitif Regina as a wedding gift or as a gift for anniversaries and jubilees. The connoiseurs of fine drinks will appreciate the treasure you have given to them.


22 reviews for Regina Harvest 2021

  1. Regina

    delicious wine!

  2. Maria

    My favorite wine!

  3. Александр

    отличное вино!

  4. Maria K.

    Very testy wine

  5. Алексей

    Приятное вино , гортань принимает без спазм, или какого-либо намёка на дискомфорт, нет горечи, которая частенько проявляется у других производителей, желание сделать очередной дегустационный тест возникает молниеносно, вкус превосходит ожидания и уносит в мир фантазии, как только живительная влага затрагивает вкусовые рецепторы. Аромат достойный заявленному производителем .

  6. Florin

    Un vin deosebit, face toți banii.

  7. Marusia

    Aroma, gust, culoare, totul la superlativ!

  8. Таня Петрова

    Страхотно вино!

  9. Claudiu


  10. Ксения

    Лучшее вино на свете! Я ненавидела вино всегда, пока не попробовала его. В Москве не найти, мечтаю о нем уже 4 года. Купила случайно, когда открыла и выпила первый глоток поняла, что это на всю жизнь.

  11. Alex CRT

    fara cuvinte

  12. Nico

    Cel mai bun vin baut vreodata!

  13. SONIA polgar

    Foarte bun!!

  14. Dorina Popescu (verified owner)

    Vinul care își confirmă Noblețea și Reverențele toate !

  15. Dorina Popescu (verified owner)

    Vinul care își confirmă Noblețea !

  16. VASILE


  17. Ena

    Gust, culoare, aroma…the most delicios wine and the woman who made it is very special !!!!♥️

  18. Красимир Кунев

    Превъзходно вино

  19. Саша Ангелова

    Изключително приятно галещо сетивата

  20. Razvan G


  21. Maria


  22. Kapi

    Un vino dulce y agradable, perfecto para tomarlo con queso y jamon, la unica pega es que es caro, pero vale la pena probarlo de vez en cuando

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