Raspberry Wine Vintage 2021

45.00 лв.

Red fruit wine, 0.5l, 13% alc., sugar content 44g/l

Semi-sweet and highly aromatic wine made from raspberries. Exotic taste of homemade wild berry jam and softened sweet acidity make for a moderate structure while retaining the soft velvety finish.

How to serve Raspberry wine ?

Serve well chilled with a platter of cheeses, deli meats, duck or cheesecake. The sweet taste of summer in a bottle; this wine is reminiscent of a handful of fresh raspberries. Finishing with enough sweetness to be delicious served with chocolate or cheesecake, but with its crisp, clean acidity that lingers on the palate, it can stand alone as a dessert. Suitable for cocktails.

This wine, like our other fruit wines, features a balance between fruit flavours and acidity, what makes it a perfect companion for special dishes. After just a sip it tastes like a handful of fresh berries: full of flavour, sweet yet tart and refreshing.

Raspberry wine is a symbol of youth and goodness. The red raspberry juice is associated with the colour of blood, which reaches the heart, from where goodness springs. The gift of this wine is a symbol of love, timeless values and the circle of life.

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