Raspberry Digestif

65.00 лв.

Alc. 38.5%, vintage: 2022, served at 16°C-18°C, 0.5 L

A unique fruit brandy with triple distillation made from 100% fermented raspberries with a small addition of honey. Gentle and exquisite with an incredible taste characteristic of this fruit, with a slight spiciness that is specific to its seeds. An emblematic brandy that fully meets the criteria of the “Queen’s Winery House” boutique collection.

One bottle is produced from 12-15 kilograms of aromatic raspberries, which, through skillful distillation, define the rich taste of homemade raspberry jam with hints of honey and vanilla.

What is the recommended serving for raspberry brandy?

Serve it well chilled with cheesecake, desserts, cheese platters, or raspberry ice cream.
Who is raspberry brandy suitable for?

Raspberry brandy is a suitable gift for gentlemen and flirtatious ladies who are not afraid to indulge in high-proof spirits.

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