Pumpkin Rakia Harvest 2014

25.00 лв.

Limited edition wine 1400 bottles 0.5 l, 38.5% alc.

Fruit brandy Pumpkin we made from pumpkin. It is a limited edition wine, especially made for connoiseurs and appreciators of fruit brandy and exotic drinks. It has the fragnance of pumkin blossoms, soil, baked pumpkin and nasturtium.

What to serve Pumpkin rakia with?

Serve it very cooled, if you prefer the finest and softest tastes – with ice cubes. Combine with salads, cheeses, smoked delicacies, seafood or barbeque.

Pumpkin rakia is a playful, great gift for family and friends. You can commemorate important occasions or to surprise pleasantly a connoiseur of fruit brandy or collector without a reason.

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