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Pumpkin Degestif With Honey

48.00 лв.

Limited edition 3100 bottles, 0.5 l, 38.5% alc., honey 120 g/l

Pumpkin Degestif With Honey is a unique wine of Queen’s Winery House. It is made from distillation of pumpkin, blended with 120 g of honey. We can boldly call it a drink for adventurers and experimenters, appreciators of new tastes and the connoisseurs of unusual joys, brought by life. 

What to serve Pumpkin Brandy with?

Served it icy chilled. Can be combined with cheeses and nuts, with desserts or fruit flambé.

Pumpkin Degestif With Honey is an intriguing gift for you loved ones and close friends. You can delight them with or without occasion and to share with them a journey to new tastes and flavors.

The experimental pumpkin brandy from harvest 2013 has won a double gold medal on CWSA Best value 2016, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.

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2 reviews for Pumpkin Degestif With Honey

  1. Георги Вълков (verified owner)

    Ракията е уникална, мека и сладка дори ракия не е точната дума. Струва си да се опита, не бях опитвал такава !

  2. Юлия

    я никогда не пробовала ракии вкуснее чем эта!

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