Pomegranate Wine Vintage 2021 (wine from pomegranate)

45.00 лв.

Red fruit wine, 0.5l, 13% alc., sugar content 44g/l
Despite the fact that the pomegranate fruit has been consumed by mankind for thousands of years and is considered a symbol of fertility, it has only recently been considered in wine making. As recently as 20-30 years ago, no one has even thought about pomegranate wine, and the first attempts to make such were unsuccessful.

The problem lies in the lack of sugar in the pomegranate needed to start the natural fermentation process. There are not that many varieties of pomegranate that are suitable for wine making in terms of juiciness and sugar content.

Pomegranate fruit wine is a pure delight. Made from delicious fruit it is sweet, tart and very full bodied, with an excellent balance and a smoky aftertaste.

How to serve Pomegranate Wine?

Pomegranate wines, although sweet and tart, have no taste of sugar. They have a unique aftertaste with hints of tobacco and cherry. Sipping on this divine drink is easy and pleasant. Sometimes you don’t even need a snack.
🍷 However, most experts say that pomegranate wine belongs to the dessert alcoholic drinks and should be consumed with fruit or sweet dishes. The color of pomegranate wine is dark amber with hints of dark gold and the colour of the skin of the ripe pomegranate fruit.
🍷  In texture, this wine is thicker than its friend, the grape wine. Furthermore, scientists are confident that pomegranate wine, unlike its red grape counterpart, has a greater antioxidant capacity.

If you prefer beef roast with vegetables, then this dish is best served with pomegranate wine. Beef meat itself is tender and dietary. This dish should always be complemented with either spices or the pleasant taste of tart wine.

Pomegranate wine goes well with poultry. For many, the combination of poultry meat with sweet ingredients is already familiar.
For example, fatty duck meat is classically combined with apples, and many prefer to cook chicken with tinned pineapples.
If you add to these dishes the sweet tart taste of pomegranate wine, then we can assume that the gourmet dinner has taken place.

An original and aesthetically pleasing solution is to serve it with pork meat in pomegranate sauce.

Fried fish is equally delicious and a suitable snack to accompany pomegranate wine.Take fillets or steaks of any fish you like and fry them in a pan until they get tender. Serve sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

The hard, shiny and smooth skin of the pomegranate hides and protects numerous individual grains, united in a common body, making it a symbol of unity since ancient times. Such symbolism is also hidden in a bottle of pomegranate wine when you offer it as a special gift.

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