Pinot Noir Vintage 2017

35.00 лв.

Dry red Pinot Noir wine, 0.75l, 12% alc., Limited Edition Wine 730 bottles

The bottle is an expression of our wine-making philosophy. The anxiety to appreciate a special wine sort – Pinot Noir.

The best grapes are selected, they are transported on a straw pillow, the grapes are shredded. The complexity of taste comes from the 10-day cold maceration and fermentation in a proportion of whole grapes and grape must under a certain temperature, divided into three parts. The malolactic fermentation enriched the fragrances and softened the palate.

How is Red Dry Wine Pinot Noir Served?

The elegant finesse makes it an attractive temptation to be served as an aperitif, or to accompany the main dish. It is suitable in combination with vegetarian dishes.

The red wine Pinot Noir is a marvelous gift for official and solemn occasions. A perfect answer to bring joy to relatives or if you should show your respect to business partners or special clients. Taking into regard the maturation potential of the wine and the limited edition of 730 bottles, you show them special attention and a desire for long-term partnership. A good example will be commemorating of a personal special day of your joint success after 10 years.

Wine Pinot Noir Vintage 2016 has won a gold medal on CWSA 2017, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.



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