Pinot Noir Late Harvest Vintage 2013

170.00 лв.

Limited Edition Wine 1600 bottles 0.5 l, 10% alc., sugar 220 g/l

Dessert wine Pinot Noir late harvest 2013 is one of our most valued jewels. We successfully balanced the sweetness, the lack of tanins, the acidity and the alcohol. We made it from grapes which soaked up all the summer sun, further dried. We extruded carefully. The wine fermented under controlled temperature for several months. As a result we received a rich aroma of red and black wildberries with lighter tinge of forest halm and soft smoky aftertaste. The generous sweet taste of dessert wine Pinot Noir late harvest vintage 2013 is like ambrosia.

Making wine from „Pinot Noir“ grapes is quite a challenge for every vintner. We achieved a great success and this example is a real fortune for the connoiseurs the sort, with a far-famed sweet taste and aging potential, worthy of any collection.

Pinot Noir late harvest vintage 2013 has won a gold medal on CWSA Best value 2016, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.

This wine is a precious gift for collectors and people who want to mark important moments for them in a special way.

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