65.00 лв.

Flavored wine-based drink, alc. 9.50%, app. 53g/l., limited series of 1500 bottles.

The craftsmanship of “Pelin” in Bulgaria is a long-standing tradition and always one part of the recipe is kept secret, but the process itself is extremely laborious because it involves many stages, components and first-class ingredients, which are actually the key to obtain a superior and high quality drink.

The name of the divine ambrosia “Imposed Wormwood” suggests the important part of the technological process, in which the herbs and fruits must be imposed in a precisely defined way:

✔ Carefully arrange a layer of dessert grapes on the bottom of the dish. We use the Sultanina variety;

✔ Next is the order of medicinal herbs, ours are 13 of which Wormwood /Artemisia absinthium/ is in the largest amount;

✔ A row of delicious Bulgarian fruits cut into quarters: apples, quinces and pears;

✔ And the last two ingredients of the secret recipe are the aromatic horseradish and ginger chosen by our technologist. It is these and our rare branch of Pinot Noir WM 70 that give the unique taste of Pelin “Queen’s Winery House”.

Why drink Pelin “Queen’s Winery House”?

The reason is the specific physical properties of the Wormwood herb and the particularly bitter taste, which, in combination with the fragrant ripe fruits, gives a complexity of sweet and at the same time pleasantly bitter nuances that caress the palate. Wormwood wine activates a person’s sensitivity and, in addition to real pleasure, provides many beneficial properties for the body, due to the unique herbs and grapes grown on Bulgarian soil.

What is Wormwood wine consumed with?

Wormwood wine is self-sufficient to serve as an aperitif.

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