Nikolae Digestif From Melon And Honey Harvest 2021

48.00 лв.

Litmited edition wine 5500 bottles 0.5 l, 38.5% alc.,honey 75 g/l

Nikolae digestif from melon and honey vintage 2015 is a result of destillation of honeymoon watermelon blended with 75 grams of honey. It has a surprising flavor, soft fragnance – this drink will energize and refreshen you after a good meal.

What to serve Nikolae digestif from melon and honey with?

We recommend to serve it very chilled. Those who prefer softer tastes would like it ice cubes. Apart from serving it as a digestif, you can also serve it together with delicious food like sandwich with watermelon and blue cheese or watermelon with hammon. It is also suitable for cheeses, dessets and nuts.

Nikolae Digestif from melon and honey is a original gift for people who like to experiment with tastes and have turned the serving of aperitif, meals and digestif in a ritual.

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