Nikolae Digestif From Melon And Honey Harvest 2021

48.00 лв.

Limited edition 6 000 bottles, 0.5 l, 38.5% alc., bee honey 75 g/l/

Nikolae digestif from melon and honey vintage 2021 is the result of the distillation of the melon variety “Honeydew” blended with 75 g of honey. A surprising taste and a mild aroma give you new strength and refresh you after a hearty meal.

How to serve Nikolae digestif?

We recommend serving it well chilled. Lovers of subtler flavours will love it served with a cube of ice.

In addition, you can also serve it with a delicious sandwich, such as a melon and blue cheese sandwich, or with the melon and jamon tapa/delicacy. It is also a suitable compliment to strong-flavoured cheeses, desserts and nuts.

The Nikolae digestif from melon and honey is an original gift for people who like to experiment with flavours and have turned serving aperitifs, food and digestifs into a ritual.

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