Missi 2018

25.00 лв.

White medium sweet wine, limited edition of 4300 bottles, 0.75l, 10.5% alk., sug. 45g / l

The white semi- sweet wine Missi was created from red grapes Pinot Noir. It has great immersion and density of taste – delicate, semi-sweet with gentle acidity. Its base is tense, balanced, with soft crispness. The intriguing combination of the red grapes ‘character and the delicate white vinification give it a unique character and perusal for the connoisseurs. You can feel the acacia aroma trough its rich taste with accents of exotic fruits, raisins, herb and flower tones. The gentle white colour of the Missi Wine entices, tempts and promises pleasure not only for the palate, but also for the eyes.

What to server Missi with?

This medium-sweet wine is suitable for cheeses, sea food, fish and chicken. Its taste is combined fantastically with light desserts. Serve chilled.

Wine aperitif Missi is a suitable gift for the connoiseurs of smaller and bigger pleasures in life. Suitable for commemorating a special occasions or important events in one’s life.