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Melon Fruit with Syrah 2019

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Aromatic wine-based beverage, with sugar content 134 g/l, Alc. 12% vol, 0.5l.

Melon Fruit with Syrah is an experimental blend between the aromatic melon fruit sort “Honey Dew” and the aristocratic wine variety Syrah, combined in an unusual way to create this dessert aperitif. A surprise for the lovers of the melon fruit out there. The innovative method of production, the deep freezing of fresh fruit and its fermentation with the seeds and bits of the outer layer, results in the extraction of oils of light composition.
These give the beverage a unique raspberry colour with evasive white shimmers, bearing a semblance to a light summer haze, and also conjure up its unforgettable aromatic bouquet. Zest, freshness, a hint of summer, in combination with an overwhelmingly rich sweet flavour and tannin aftertaste. The thick, enchanting aroma captures the senses and the taste buds promising an exotic finale.

How to serve Melon Fruit Syrah?

The more intense the dessert aperitif, the more neutral the meal should be. The task of the latter would be to bring out the aroma and the taste of the beverage. The melon flavour pairs exquisitely with melon cheesecake, pastries with fruit filling, French macarons. When you wish to combine it with cheese, go with Camembert, Brie cheese, Gorgonzola, and Regina Blue. A wonderful addition to a summer cocktail blend with sparkling water and lime.

A bottle of Melon Fruit with Syrah is always a great gift – no matter what the occasion. Whether for a name day or birthday, a party or just as the concluding act to a friends’ gathering, this is the choice which guarantees a satisfying end to a beautiful evening. The sweetness and exotic flavour of the beverage would turn it into a magical present for your “other half”.

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    Boże, kocham to wino, nie mogę bez niego żyć.

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