Grape Rakia

48.00 лв.

Alc. 40%, harvest: 2022, served at 16°C-18°C, 0.5 L

“For the production of this grape rakia, 5 different grape varieties were used, processed using various techniques, which impart a complete range of flavors to this beverage. Cabernet Sauvignon fearlessly tackled the grape clusters, Pinot Noir was hand-crushed, Syrah had its seeds removed, Traminer was sun-dried, and Riesling was shocked with cold at -12°C.
The finest masters of triple distillation helped me refine this exquisite and elegant taste. Unique, charming, and captivating, enjoy the first grape rakia from the boutique collection of Queen’s Winery House!” Anna Koleva.

What is grape rakia best served with?

Grape rakia pairs well with salads, pickled vegetables, dried meats, and cheese platters.

Who is grape rakia suitable for?

Grape rakia is the perfect gift for your loved one who appreciates traditional Bulgarian taste but is ready to experience a classic rakia presented in a new and modern way.

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