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Garlic taste

50.00 лв.

A highly aromatic wine-based beverage, alc. 13.5%, limited series of 2522 bottles

It is a well-known fact that garlic is one of the most useful vegetables. The more often we consume it, the more benefits we can derive from it. This drink is a brilliant combination of the beneficial properties of red wine and garlic fermented together. An unparalleled experiment that can impress any connoisseur. An amazing nose of the Orient, spices, home cooking, and if you are looking for an UMAMI taste to recreate home comfort, combined with care for your loved ones, this is the right drink.

Still not convinced of the perfect taste of garlic wine and look down on it?

We will highlight just one interesting, spicy and peppery fact:

✔ Garlic has the power of an excellent aphrodisiac. It is not a popular fact that it is garlic that contains the amino acid arganine, which has an effect on nitric oxide. It is thanks to its strong and beneficial properties that garlic becomes a super product for strengthening the female and male libido, and this undeniable fact was known in Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.

How to serve our Garlic Taste?

Garlic wine is suitable for the company of seafood, oysters, shrimps, mussels, Indian cuisine and red meats.

Who is garlic wine suitable for?

If you want to jokingly recall the time when you were 18 years old. to your loved one, this is the gentle and delicate way to show him with humor that he still excites you and causes that special feeling of “butterflies in the stomach”. And “Yes! Yes!” Can’t wait to have fun together again with good food, flirty aphrodisiacs, wine and more…..
Because love is like wine, it gets better with time because we know exactly what we want and with whom.

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  1. Asta

    Skanus, neįprastas, tobulas!!! Tikrai vertas aukščiausių balų!!! Jo būtina paragauti. Tinka prie mėsos, sūrio, bet galima taurė vyno mėgautis ir be jų!!!

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