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Queen’s Winery House Figs Fruit Wine

45.00 лв.

Fruit wine from figs, harvest 2017, 0,5l, 10% alc., sugar 140g/l, limited edition wine 7400 bottles

Making a real fig wine was a challenge, I did not feel ready for, but I had to try because of all the Queen’s winery house fans and our great team. The way we all went past from gathering the figs to their fermentation was long, full of underwater stones, tears out of desperation and hope and a sense of triumph over the failure fear.

Whether, I have coped well with the adventure and what distinguishes the Queen’s winery house fig wine from the rest of the products offered on the market, you will only know when you taste the first sip of this princess.” Anna Koleva

Fermentation of fig tree (Ficus carica, Moraceae) fruits.Without grapes adding. It has ethereality, combined with acidity and moderately sweet nuance. The full body aroma and soft velvety aftertaste are combined with the sensation of vanilla notes, homemade jam, dried pineapple and sugar candies. The tempting old gold color is a promise of unique experience.

Serving Solutions for the Figs Fruit Wine

The low alcohol content combined with the rich residual sweetness works well with cheese with mold, nuts, desserts, fruits, biscuit cake, foie gras or red caviar canapés for a contrast between the sweet and salty taste.
We recommend to be served chilled to 8 degrees.

The Fig fruit wine is a luxurious present for the people you love. Because of the unique story of its production and the main characters participating in it, it has become the union symbol of several generations and belief, that despite the difficulties, if there is a truth in your intentions the success comes to you and you get a “green corridor” for your dreams.

Queen’s Winery House Figs Fruit Wine 2016 has won a double gold medal on CWSA 2017, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.


9 reviews for Queen’s Winery House Figs Fruit Wine

  1. Диана

    это самое вкусное вино,которое я когда либо пробовала!Оно сладкое,не терпкое с очень нежным вкусом,хочется пить его очень маленькими глоточками и медленно,наслаждаясь его незабываемым вкусом.

  2. Vasu-Iugat Ana Alexandra

    Cel mai bun vin pe care l-am baut vreodata!!!!! L-am cumparat direct de la castelul din Balcic al Reginei Maria, mai ieftin, cu 40 leva. Cu siguranta am sa comand acest produs ce m-a fermecat!

  3. Калоян Ванков

    Дегустирахме това превъзходно вино в ботаническата градина Балчик. Закупихме си от това вълшебно вино и още същата вечер с приятели изпитахме истинска вкусова наслада.
    Невероятен аромат. Създали сте едно невероятно вино.

  4. Юлия

    Давно искала подобное, спасибо очень интересно!

  5. Настя

    Не думала что смогу найти, спасибо большое!

  6. Наталья

    Здравствуйте, пробовали ваши вина на дегустации и покупали на месте как сувениры, все были в восторге! хотели бы заказать это вино, но как видим, его нет в наличии, скажите, когда оно будет вновь?

  7. Светлана Панчева

    Елексир за сетивата! Вкус, аромат, цвят-превъзходно!

  8. Стефанка Козарева

    Страхотни вина , опитахме някои от тях . Превъзходни са , вкус , аромат .

  9. Mitrea Florentina

    Este un vin minunat!
    Are o aromă deosebită.
    L-am cumpărat din Bulgaria și sigur voi face comandă.
    Felicitări pentru felul în care știți să puneți în valoare tot ce aveți!

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