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Figs digestif with honey

35.00 лв.

Limited edition of 3300 bottles 0.5 l, 38.5% alc., contains honey

Traditionally, digestifs are what was served after a meal to aid digestion. Thus, they often have deep culturally specific roots. We wanted to create a unique moment around that “mysterious bottle” that takes you back to your childhood and reminds you of your grandparents and the drink they used to hide in the back of the pantry.

Whether it is for your personal collection or to offer as a remarkable gift, Figs digestif with honey (a quality triple-distilled brandy featuring the “Dalmata” fig variety sweetened with a small amount of honey to give it an incredible taste, a limited edition of 3,300 bottles) is argument enough to imagine and make room for a special moment by pairing this drink with your favorite classic salad or an exquisite cheese platter after dinner.

What is Figs digestif with honey served with ?

We recommend experimenting with the serving temperature in order to allow for your favourite individual aftertaste to develop. We suggest chilling the drink down to 16°C – 18°C and serving it in a tulip-shaped glass, what will enable the flavours of green fig jam, caramel, nutty nuances and a soft aftertaste of candied fruit to come forward. The sweetness is subtle enough to pair well with a variety of salads, cheese, smoked meats, nuts and caramelised fruits, it could also be the base for one of your favourite cocktail recipes.

Figs Digestif with honey is a truly original gift for any brandy connoisseur from a loved one to the one who helped you be who you are and you want to say  “thank you”  back to them in a special way.

Figs digestif with honey is bottled with a premium quality cork, and it is possible that lees could form as it ages, due to the cork’s natural degradation in contact with high-percentage  alcohol. Please filter the drink before enjoying.

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