Elleanna Vintage 2017

28.00 лв.

Pink wine medium-dry, 0.75 l, 11% alc., sug.10g/l

Pink medium-dry wine, vinified from the Pinot Noir and Syrah varieties. Its color is sparkling. the aroma is intense, dominated by morellos, flower tones, blackberry and ripe peaches jam. There is no intrusive sweetness in the taste, which in combination with delicate, velvet acidity and splendor in the after tastes makes it a great suggestion for an aperitif, which attracts the exotic wine lovers and the experimenters, but also manages to temp the more conservative ones. Its tasting is a real emotional experience. It is served chilled down to 10°С.

What is Elleanna served with?

This is a drink suitable with hard cheeses, cured meats, game and barbeque. At the same time it is one of the favourites to those who prefer vegetarian meals. It manages to highlight some nuances in the taste that otherwise you will not be able to experience.

Wine Elleanna is a wonderful gift for the winter holidays, for birthday parties and official, ceremonial events. It is the perfect decision for you, if you with to bring delight to your close friends but also if you must show your respect to business clients or partners of yours.

Wine aperitif Elleanna Vintage 2016 has won a silver medal on CWSA 2017, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.

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