Ducessa Vintage 2021

35.00 лв.

Red Wine aperitif with 158 grams of honey,0.5 l, 11% alc.
We made Wine Aperitif Ducessa from Pinot Noir and Syrah grapes, combined with 158 grams of honey and natural flavour of almond. It has a desert taste and soft acidity. The combination of the fine flovor of Pinot Noir, the mellowness of Syrah and the sour aroma of almond attracts the connoiseurs of light, sweeter drinks.

Wine aperitif Ducessa Vintage has won a silver medal on CWSA Best value 2016, the biggest and most prestigious competition for wine and spirits in Hong Kong and China.

What is Wine Aperitif Ducessa served with?
We recommend to serve it chilled, with ice, desserts, nuts, ice-cream or coffee. If you do not like sweets or the occasion is not suitable for them, serve Ducessa with a platter of blue cheese.

Wine aperitif Ducessa is an excellent gift for people with joyful nature and youthful spirit, regardless of whether you will surprise them for a professional or personal occasion, or just want to show your affection.