Coconut Rakia

65.00 лв.

Alk. 40%, vintage: 2022, served at 16°С-18°С, 0.5 L

Do you want to feel triple tropical in a bottle?! The triple distillation guarantees you the preservation of the exotic taste and creamy nuance of coconut, but in the meantime it will change your idea of traditional Bulgarian brandy.

Interesting fact!

Young coconut milk resembles human blood plasma. For this reason, it has been used in rare cases for emergency transfusions. Therefore, if someone accidentally mutters to you while you are enjoying this divine drink, smile and explain that you are taking an internal infusion for a good mood.

What should coconut brandy be served with?

Coconut brandy is suitable to be consumed in the company of cocktails, coconut cakes, muffins and chocolate bars.

Who is coconut brandy suitable for?

Coconut brandy is a suitable gift for people who never stop having fun and carry summer in their heart with all its charms – parties, fun, bars and endless salty and sunny days.

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