Brandy 10 Years Old XO

85.00 лв.

0.5 l, 40% alcohol
Brandy 10 years old is a drink, which took us years to make. It is one of the diamonds in our collection. We have waited long enough for it to achieve its own style and character. Our long way starts with the selection of the best quality grapes to produce fine white wine, suitable for distillation. The fluid we got, that we used to make Brandy 10 years old, is left to mature more that 10 years in small oak barrels.

We can gladly admit that this bottle contains a spectacle of flavours and tastes.

Brandy 10 years old is a very special gift, which you can keep for yourself or to share with those who inspire you, encourage youto keep going forward, bring you peace, care about you and share their love with you.

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