Aronia digestif with honey

35.00 лв.

Limited edition of 850 bottles 0.5 l, 38.5% alc., contains honey

We produced Aronia digestif with honey from the unpretentious and beautiful, rich in taste (quite pungent) and in medicinal properties, Aronia plant. Much has been written about the Aronia, as it is a symbol of endurance, simplicity, a hidden treasure of beneficial substances, a fruit against all aches and pains, a gift from nature. Its name comes from Greek and means “help” and “benefit”. The fruits are small, dark red or blue-black berries the size of pearls, but their shape resembles an apple. They taste sour and tart and are not very pleasant to eat. And right here lay the key to the mystery we had to solve: could we make a digestif drink from this disobedient princess that would captivate with its aroma and velvety smoothnes.

We tried out various technologies until our brilliant recipe emerged: distilling the fluid three times, then blending it with coriander honey, contributed to an incredible aroma of berry jam, a tart hint of blackberry, of wax, an aftertaste of ‘richness’ and an explosion of flavours.

What is Aronia digestif with honey served with ?

Imagine a cold, frosty winter’s afternoon and a key that opens the door to a home where a small tulip-shaped glass with Aronia digestif with honey awaits you – soft, warming, enchanting and irresistible.

Or a hot summer’s day – sunny, misty, the smell of flowers and a shady porch with an old wooden table, a miniature glass filled with Aronia Digestif with honey in the company of baked goat cheese topped with homemade red currant jam.

Each of the 850 bottles produced is a great gift for people who know how to cherish special moments. It speaks of domestic coziness, family values or the moment of reckoning when we can be alone with ourselves feeling the happiness of being left “without a mask” and despite all the scars, enjoying who we really are.

Aronia digestif with honey is bottled with a premium quality cork, and it is possible that lees could form as it ages, due to the cork’s natural degradation in contact with high-percentage alcohol. Please filter the drink before enjoying.

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