Apricot Rakia

65.00 лв.

Alc. 40%, served at 16°C-18°C, harvest 2022., 0.5 L

The story of this rakia begins with the selection of the most aromatic apricot varieties for the distillation of this unique beverage. Apricot rakia is one of the symbols of Golden Dobrudja. Aromatic, smooth, gentle, or as the locals describe it as “flows like oil,” fully characterizes this drink. In the nose, one can detect notes of dried apricots, the fragrance of tobacco, and the taste of crunchy caramelized cookies and hazelnuts.

What is apricot rakia best served with?

Apricot rakia pairs well with dry appetizers, home-cooked meals, and local delicacies.
Who is apricot rakia suitable for?

Apricot rakia is a suitable gift for your loved ones to whom you want to send a golden message related to preserving Bulgarian traditions, folklore, and customs. This beverage is a Bulgarian symbol that carries the spirit of Bulgaria and will be cherished within us for future generations.

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